SP Wealth Management’s philosophy is to provide our client base with a wide spectrum of unique products and services that not only assist our clients in preserving their wealth, but also assist them in managing the risk and return potential which as at the heart of any investing strategy. Our advice is customised according to their needs, and they decide on the level of involvement they wish to have in their overall financial life strategy.

As the client and the Financial Advisor develops a relationship, a comprehensive understanding of their situation will be established.This insight will enable the Financial Advisor to anticipate their needs and provide them with invaluable guidance as their circumstances evolve and market conditions change.

The combination of high caliber personal attention, access to international and institutional experience offered through SPWM provides our clients with successful investment strategies, effective retirement planning and ultimately, true peace of mind.


SP Wealth Management prides itself on being fully transparent and all administration fees are clearly indicated on statements issued by asset management and/or insurance companies. The fees and charges are diverse for every product. A nominal administration fee of five hundred rand per hour (R500) is charged if the client decides, after consultation, against our advice.



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These products are subject to standard legislative documentation (e.g. FICA) required by SP Wealth Management. It is important that the client’s particulars are correct on all documentation. Do not sign any documentation if it has not been fully completed by you the client. All documentation completed and personal particulars provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. We also abide by all current legislation and regulatory bodies that govern the industry.

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