SO YOU YOU DECIDED TO TRAVEL… On a Business or a Holiday trip that is, here are a few things you should know:

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR CERTIFICATE OF TRAVEL INSURANCE WITH YOU This certificate will confirm your name, dates of travel plus the emergency telephone number. Print out the first page of the certificate, check it, and keep it with you for your entire journey. Remember, having the certificate on you at all times will increase the likelihood that a good Samaritan will take you to a hospital if you are unconscious but need medical attention.

FEELING UNEASY – PHONE THE EMERGENCY NUMBER ON YOUR CERTIFICATE Don’t wait for your last breath to phone for help. The second you are injured or are feeling unwell, phone the 24 hour number, quote your certificate number and explain what has happened.

PHONE THE EMERGENCY NUMBER YOURSELF No, don’t first phone your spouse, your secretary or your travel agent. As much as you want their sympathy, they won’t be able to answer the questions the doctors ask about the symptoms you’re feeling. They also won’t be in a position to relay to you the best action to take. Wherever possible, try to always give and get the information from the Assistance Company directly.

LET THE ASSISTANCE COMPANY GIVE AUTHORISATION Remember that for any expenses more than R10,000, Europ Assistance must first authorise these. By phoning the HOLLARD or TIC Assistance Company first, they’ll be able to authorise any amount more than R10,000 and provide the relevant guarantees directly.

DON’T PHONE EVERY 10 MINUTES We know you’re frustrated that a helicopter wasn’t hovering above you when you made the call. But deploying the right medical personnel and making the bookings at a medical facility that can cater to your emergency does take time. Once you’ve called in your emergency, allow at least one hour for the Assistance Company to do their work and phone you back with the details. Phoning every ten minutes only hampers their ability to get their job done.

PHONE FOR ALL EMERGENCIES Yep, we can also help with luggage, delay, cancellation, passport, car hire, in fact we can help with all travel emergencies. Getting pre-authorisation upfront will make your claiming process that much easier later on. Please contact Europ assistance South Africa (reverse calls apply).

Travel insurance do not cover car hire.

Baggage loss: Client to remember to report incidents before they leave the airport

Baggage loss: Client to check contents of suitcase before they leave airport

Baggage loss: Non airline baggage loss, must be reported within 24 hours to the police

Clients to lock hand luggage during flight AND valuables to be carried on the person or in hand luggage (not checked in baggage).

DON’T DO ANY OF THESE! Don’t ride a motorbike in excess of 200 cc (client must hold a valid licence and wear a helmet), don’t go hunting, racing (other than on foot), play any organised bodily contact sport, football, rugby, hang gliding, skydiving/parachuting, any game/sport of endurance, white water rapid rafting, ski jumping, guided glacier walking, mountaineering using ropes, crampons, ice axes or guides and potholing or any activity where you are required to acclimatize to altitude. If you absolutely have to do any of these, rather take out a leisure travel policy Refer to page 16 of 16 of the Hollard policy wording.

KEEP YOUR ELECTRONIC GOODS, JEWELLERY AND HIGH VALUED ITEMS WITH YOU ON THE PLANE Do not book these into the hull luggage, they won’t come out at the other side. No cover if checked in with luggage.

STAYING ON FOR LEISURE? If you want to squeeze some well deserved leisure travel into your business trip, the corporate travel policy (from TIC) can cover the leisure portion as well, so long as your company authorises this, and only if the leisure portion of your trip is shorter than the business portion. If not, take out a leisure travel insurance policy for your leisure portion.

TAKING YOUR FAMILY ALONG If your company kindly agrees that you can take your family along on your business trip, your family members can also be insured on the corporate travel policy (from TIC) so long as your company authorises this. However, your family must travel on the same flights there and back as you in order to qualify.

DRIVING ACROSS THE BORDER Remember that even if you drive across the border, you can be insured on this policy for your journey. Just make sure you get your certificate (from TIC) confirming cover for your trip before you leave, and keep this with you at all times. Hollard will cover will start when you pass the border control but you must kep us informed when douing so.

Have a Safe trip!